Bellevue Presbyterian Church Events

Wonderful Wednesday

Our congregation gathers once a month for dinner and fellowship.  Our programs range from fun and games to something educational regarding our church, and surrounding community.

Come join us for Wonderful Wednesday on 9/27/23 at 5:30 pm as we learn more about elder abuse. What is elder abuse, how does it present itself, and what are the reasons why abuse often goes unreported? Lets understand the problems that feed into elder abuse and learn how to be part of the solution. Feel free to invite your family and friends, as we all will be in the position of needing others for care whether it be for family members or us individually. Dinner will start promptly at 5:30 with Subway sandwiches and the presentation will begin at 6:00. Reach out to me with any questions at [email protected]. You may also call Mary Lou at the church office to make a reservation/


Hello fellow BPC members!

We had a great response for our Mariners Dinner Club but I also know there were some that wanted to sign up but couldn’t come to the meeting. Please also remember ALL are welcome to participate. We don’t discriminate against race, age, religion or marital status! Please reach out to me (Heather Dye) at [email protected] if you’re interested but were unable to attend on Sunday. I will be setting up groups soon. Thank you!

Heather Dye


A number of our Church members are interested in meeting for lunch in our area. I’m proposing two or more groups with meetings on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 12:30. We will go to local (Bellevue) Restaurants.

On Sunday September 24th, please see Judy Hay or Linda Bozza to choose your group. These dates will be on the second week of the month.

Be sure to add your favorite restaurant to our list.  


If you missed the meeting on September 27th, please call the office for the next luncheon date and place.